1. Just Saying

From the recording Hippy Fiasco Rides Again


G# C# G#
I wish that I could say it out loud.
I wish I could spell it out.
F A#m
But I don't even know what I'm on about.
D# G#
Some things sought are just not found.

I wish I could call it by name
and if by name it was called it would come.
But it is never twice the same
and it's not even it, it's someone.

G# E G#
Just sayin'. Just sayin'.

Watching the world passing by.
I feel like there's a teacup in my eye.
To passers-by it makes no sense.
What's the use of a boy up on a fence?

But I've been sitting here for days.
And I've been sitting here for years.
I've heard every word they've said.
I have two very big ears.

Just sayin'. Just sayin'.

Ordinarily, I'd be the shining one
but when they convince me they should run.
Yeah they should, run.

Just sayin'. Just sayin'.