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All I Can Do is Dance  

Is shining shoes paying dues? 
Are these the dues I'm paying? 
Down the street they're tapping their feet 
and the old time music's reeling. 

I always thought I could play if I had the chance, 
but I never did. Now, all I can do is dance. 

Middle of the night I think I might 
go down to the old train staion 
and walk along the rail line 
where the Hoboes hopped on a nation. 

I always thought I could be one if I had the chance, 
but I never did. Now, all I can do is dance. 

I heard a man once lost his mind 
just trying to be a poet. 
Could someone wish they were and try to be 
and think they weren't and be one and not know it? 

I always thought I could be one if I had the chance, 
but I never did. Now, all I can do is dance.

Always Morning In New Orleans  

It's always when I think I'm going nowhere 
I find myself at home like I never knew. 
It's always when I find someone that makes me wonder 
when I fall in love will it be with you.  
It's not always in my wallet. iT's not always in my hair. 
But it's always morning in New Orleans somewhere. 

My last call drink spilt on the sidewalk 
now I'm walking another line. 
The last thing I want right now is more music. 
Checkpoint Charlies, ok I'm fine. 
Then some brilliant music fills the air. 
Oh it's always morning in New Orleans somewhere. 

I'm staying halfway now  
between the madhouse and the zoo. 
I'm awake with one eye closed  
to the things in me I see in you. 
It's almost like I've died and gone there. 
O it's always morning in New Orleans somewhere.

Ambrosia Drunk  
You're a natural disaster. 
National unsung hero.  
Words in the rafters. 
Belly on the floor.  
Never asked for nothin'.  
But got it just the same.  
Comin out of everywhere. 
Mumblin god's name. 
Ambrosia drunk. 
Chasing down that line. 
Sitting on purpose 
losing your mind. 

I guess you heard 
there's no more poets. 
I guess you heard 
there's no more gold. 
I guess you heard 
the whisperin' pine. 
I guess you heard 
it's cold. 

Yeah, you're gonna save America. 
Gonna wipe clean her eyes. 
But you're damn near hysterical 
when it comes to between her thighs. 
All we need is water, you say 
as you go for a drive. 
But you're looking for lightning 
to keep you alive.

Angel of Delight  

I'm not saying your wrong and I'm right. 
I'm not saying you're chained and I'm free. 
I'm not saying my way leads to the light and 
yours to a place you can't see. 

but my eyes have seen the sight 
of the angel of delight  
and man she's as pretty as can be 
and she said she thought it all over, 
inside and out, and tonite she's dreaming about me- 
so there, take that, neehhhh... 

I'm not saying I'd beat you in a fight. 
I'm not saying come clean and we'll see. 
I'm not saying we're playing with Ben Franklin's kite. 
I'm not saying that love is the key. 

but my eyes have seen the sight 
of the angel of delight  
and man she's as pretty as can be 
and she said she thought it all over, 
inside and out, and tonite she's dreaming about me- 
so there, take that, neehhhh... 

I'm not saying that a new day is breaking 
that every soul is marching in the street. 
And I know you're not saying, I mean I'm sure you're not saying 
that you have no respect for the meek. 

but my eyes have seen the sight 
of the angel of delight  
and man she's as pretty as can be 
and she said she thought it all over, 
inside and out, and tonite she's dreaming about me- 
so there, take that, neehhhh...

Are We There Yet   
Are we there yet? Are we still here? 
Oh does time just disappear? 
I've been thinking on this for years. 
Are we there yet? Are we still here? 

Monday morning I knew I had to mow my lawn 
but didn't wanna then Tuesday'd come and gone. 
All the way thru Thursday it rained. 
Then on Friday, well, the weekend had come. 


The next Monday morning I rose 
bright and early, ready to mow. 
I pulled the cord and lord, lo and behold. 
The grass was too tall. The mower wouldn't go! 


So, I been letting that little lawn of mine go. 
I sit on the porch, rockin' a chair. 
Laughing along as it grows 
up over the house, up into the air.

Armageddon Ready (For the End of the World)  

I been broke down in Bakersfield 
I've dealt with the devil and knew the deal 
I'm no saint but i know how it feels 
to have an angel love you for real 

strange world you're almost gone 
ferris wheel's flying everybody hold on 
everybody's right, nobody's wrong 
i could prove it but it would take too long 

ok, what am i forgetting? 
who besides me have I not forgiven? 
what on Earth am I doing for a living? 
I been prepping for Armageddon 

I feel like I've seen this before 
looked out that window, walked out that door 
back before my time, before the war 
danced across this very floor 

here is this burning book in hand 
read the whole thing I don't understand 
back when God first thought of man 
I mean is the whole thing going according to plan? 

I guess I'm giving good as I'm getting 
and I'm pretty sure I'm going to heaven 
pair a dice, seven come eleven 
I been prepping for Armageddon 

I'm not sure what I think I see. 
It's not like the dogs have been loosed on me 
unless there's some crazy conspiracy 
where the sheep are wolves and the wolves are sheep. 

the devil, I tell ya, has no face 
and is never in any one particular place 
machine-like, cruising at the speed of space 
it doesn't really matter who wins the race 

pies in the window, hunger is hidden 
and the only truth tellers will only be kidding 
he's with her, she came to the wedding 
I been prepping for Armageddon 

Some vote normal, some vote absurd  
me I'm voting for that little bird 
who was just flying along til he thought he heard 
someone speak an honest word 

some don't think we need a revolution 
think patience is the best solution 
some don't believe in evolution 
I think patience is another form of air pollution 

I'm not saying we should be forbidden 
from being content with the lot we're given 
maybe you're happy, I say go get 'em 
me, I been prepping for Armageddon

As You Do  
Man you sure can hurt someone  
doing the right thing. 
There's times when you've done nothing wrong 
but still need forgiving. 

Man you sure can change the world 
just be going where you want to 
letting go what you're holding on to- 
I know, sometimes you have to. 
There's no way not to.  
As you do. 

Man you sure can cause some pain 
without ever meaning. 
Like a butterfly makes it rain 
with its wings. 


Back in 15 Minutes 

I got a strange feeling. 
One that won't let me go. 
That the sky's about to open. 
Steal me away and close. 

Back in 15 minutes, write a letter. 
Back in 15 minutes, write a song. 
Back in 15 minutes, write a novel. 
Back in 15 minutes, right or wrong. 

Where there's smoke, there's a motel burnin'. 
There's fire in the eyes of the musician. 
The road is hopefully forever turnin'. 
Like the world is spinnin'. 


St. Peter, here's all my money, just forget you saw me. 
Just put me back in what I had on. 
We'll blame it on dreams and runnin' 
from the new day, from the new dawn. 


I just had to step out towards the ceiling. 
Had some unfinished business upstairs. 
Shouldn't take long. Shouldn't take long at all. 
A wild man like me with a couple of squares. 

Big Lights 
Don't tell anything in the sky I'm down 
here, I'll hide beneath the trees. 
Down, by the water but don't tell the waves 
I don't want 'em to know I can sea. 

the big lights are hardly worth knowin 
cant touch em it just hurts to see 'em shine 
the big lights have always been glowin 
just messin with people's minds 


i'm a guitar I'm a daydream baby 
on the end of a fishing pole 
trading places with the cat tails and the junebugs 
where everyone knows. 


Passover morning and the coals are still burning- 
I'm still in a bit of a haze. 
There they go, I wonder where they're goin, 
these days.........

Where Were We?  

When we last left the story our hero was returning home safe from a great adventure. 
One that saw him sailing over all seven oceans and even slaying a mighty monster. 
When we left he was sitting in a field of wild flowers without toil or care. 
Now would you be surprised if, after all this time, we find our hero still sitting there? 

In his Silly cape and his silly tights... 
No escape, nothing to fight. 
People pass. People stop and stare. 
Our hero's just a man  
in his underwear! 

Our hero fully rested rising from the laurels starts walking there's a dance to his step. 
Time to tell the story, time to enjoy the glory, that's not what time it is but he doesn't know this yet. 
The buildings in the town are blocking the sun, beggars crack the walk with hungry empty hands. 
By the end of the night in the back, in the bar light, off in a boastful daydream our lonesome hero stands...  

In his silly cape..... 

Let's skip to the end, the last chapter of our story, for the sake of time and the fun skipping can be. 
Leaning on his fated cane, knowing the sunshine makes the rain, our hero he is old and sometimes happy. 
There's magic in the mundane moon on the wane and an owl sounding somewhere in the darkness. 
Next time we are together yo9u must remind me to tell you of how our hero came to be referred to as "your heinous".


Why doesn't He want me to get it  
then gives it to me in basketfulls. 
How come these days like horses. 
How go these days like bulls. 

Somewhere in amazing grace 
a young man turns fifty-four. 
Only we can make a diamond. 
Only we go door to door. 

Why would he steal from a lost soul 
the light that might lead him forth? 
To what height do we aspire 
if blessed are the ppor? 

Enslave me truth as if I had eyes 
and swipe these terrified tears. 
I will raise my glass to you 
and drink to you 54 beers. 

The captain had go overboard. 
The ship like a blind man sees. 
I heard that without the man 
the ship sank safely into the sea. 

I heard the flowers sing melancholy 
rose, tulip, touch me not. 
And all I'll ever have 
that's just what I got. 

I love to laugh with abandon 
and I laugh to love with the best. 
I figure if I do enough thinking 
I'll learn how to enjoy the rest.