From the recording Hippy Fiasco Rides Again


F A# Gm C Dm Gm C F

Are we there yet? Are we still here?
Oh does time just disappear?
I've been thinking on this for years.
Are we there yet? Are we still here?

Monday morning I knew I had to mow my lawn
but didn't wanna then Tuesday'd come and gone.
All the way thru Thursday it rained.
Then on Friday, well, the weekend had come.


The next Monday morning I rose
bright and early, ready to mow.
I pulled the cord and lord, lo and behold.
The grass was too tall. The mower wouldn't go!


So, I been letting that little lawn of mine go.
I sit on the porch, rockin' a chair.
Laughing along as it grows
up over the house, up into the air.