From the recording Hippy Fiasco Rides Again


I'm tired of slowing down.
i'm tired of waiting round.
Tired of finding something new to find
each time something is found.

Of course I've learned my lessons.
I can give some good advice.
Still it's hard to take
the same old river twice.

When I know it isn't true
but it doesn't go away.
And no one says what's new
cause they know what I will say.
It's hard to have faith
when you need it the most.
At the end of the day-
do you believe in ghosts.

I disappear into these screens
and a million jelly beans
now I'm coughing up a coffin
driving nails lazily.
I might dream up a mountain
on the wings of such a notion,
but I'm just a pair of ragged claws
on the bottom of the ocean.