“Vox Humana” by Nathan Moore

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The Vox Humana is a short-resonator reed stop on the pipe organ, so named because of its supposed resemblance to the human voice. As a rule, the stop is used with a tremulant, which undulates the wind supply, causing a vibrato effect.

vox humana borderI recorded these tracks a couple of years ago when I had just acquired a pump organ, a cello and a clarinet. The songs were teaching me how to play these instruments. The one catch was that they were all played upon drum loops which sort of sucked the life out of the songs. I chalked it all up to the learning process and moved on. But they haunted me. A lot of heart had gone into the tracks and I was courting my Love while recording these. Enter, Kris King (an old friend of mine) who decided recently to bring a drum kit to my studio and leave it here. I had never really played drums before. I thought, why not practice on those old tracks, and so I did. As I started laying my first drum tracks down I started getting really excited because, not only was I drumming, but the songs sprang to life!

These self-produced recordings officially mark the first time I have completely played all of the instruments myself: bass, piano, ukulele, guitars, organ, cello, harmonica, banjo, melodica, accordion, clarinet, saxophone, drums and other random things. This makes me happy.

I have a new album written and ready to record. I was really just practicing on some old tracks. I don’t want to get all into perfecting these, packaging it and all that. I’ll save that sweat for the new record. If you enjoy these, do me a favor and comment below and share this page with your friends. If you log in to Nathan’s Land a chat window will appear at the bottom of this window with which you can chat in the room or privately with friends while you have a listen.

Happy Holidays!


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