We may be a part
but we’re not alone
Shout out your windows
       C                        G
and pick up your phone
Raise a glass to each other
                  C                   G
from the comfort of home
We May be a part
       C                 G
but we’re not alone

We’ve traveled this world

By sea and by land
We’ve all been picked up
                C               G
When we needed a hand
We’ve been knocked down
                                Em        D
for taking a stand

Billions of people
the whole human race
staying away from each other
by staying in place
Needing to be felt
and a need for a feeling
that we’re in this together
apart but believing

Well the distance has grown
an unbearable size
any plans that you’ve had
have been compromised
and just remember that backwards
ain’t the way that time flies