i've been overwhelmed by the task at hand
i've screamed "impossible" to the silent stars
i travel far and wide across this sacred land
and share the wine from the churches and bars
(go ahead-)
wipe the tears you shed from fear they've won
i've come to tell you the revolution marches on
give your heart back to the rising sun
what's right is right and never wrong

as long as there's one of us standing

we may always be needed more than ever
for those who seek to punish all they fear
may always be growing in number
in a world that gets more frightening every year

but we strive for that day not because it comes
but because it is upon us as we speak
white doves fly from off our tongues
when we lift our voices for the weak.

as long as there's one of us standing

love is not some fragile flower
but one that cracks the sidewalk just to bloom
even God said there is no greater power
than the Lilly or the love inside of you.

if you're out there searching for answers
you should know you're the light in someone's dark
the same way we're swept by the dancers
or sung by the morning lark.