Sitting here naked, sitting here hooked,
gonna get swallowed by an ancient book.
Sitting here starving, sitting here stuffed,
looking for my diamond, feeling rough.
Like a scarecrow in love with a crow
can't remember if I just don't know
my hands they tremble like wind blown rose
everyday is an overdose.

I feel like I'm walking on air
like I'm falling down stairs
In the basement
In the basement

Sitting here broken, sitting here healed
sitting here betting down the line, I'll know the deal
I've never been a man much for according to plan
now I'd rather take a chance than make a stand
it's better than fading like a God damn flower
better than just sitting here sixty miles an hour
I need a little hallelujah to get the medicine down
God if you could do it, put me back on the ground


I'm sitting here walking a familiar lane
there's a camera, microphones, everyones just out of frame
I'm all alone it's a soliloquy
nobody says nothing' when I say "line please"
And I say cut, but they keep rolling
I got my thumb out, but nobody's slowing
And everybody seems so happy, like they know where they are going.
They could all be acting, there is no way of knowing