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Liz Bunny in the house! We are going LIVE in less than an hour and Lex Park and Nathan Moore will be playing some freeform music while Liz reads some poetry. We are also trying to get Nathan’s Dad over….. come join us!

Nathan’s Select SMMD Cuts

Today I’m going to feature the music of my rock outfit, Surprise Me Mr. Davis featuring Brad Barr (Barr Brothers, The Slip), Andrew Barr (Barr Brothers, The Slip), Marc Friedman (The Slip, Ryan Montbleau) and Marco Benevento (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead).

Get Turned On

Hear special exclusive cuts from some of your favorite bands and songwriters with your host Nathan Moore who can help but ramble on current events and sing a few songs of his own.

Who Needs Good Radio?

You do! Never underestimate the power of radio to inspire, entertain and keep you company. Nathan Moore spins rare exclusive tracks from some of your favorite bands, sings songs live and ramble about current events and timeless ideas.

Live Online Radio Daily

Every day Nathan Moore hosts a live radio show from his home in Virginia featuring exclusive tracks from our favorite bands. He sings his songs and rambles about current events. Today’s show will have a very special guest, Lex Park. If you have heard them together on the radio show before you know something is happening here! Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Nathan and Lex. Their mission: to explore strange new sonic worlds, to seek out new songs and new arrangements, to boldly go where no song has gone before.

Click the Picture- Click Play- Voila

“I’ll tell ya…there is something about the way seasoned singers/storytellers take guitar solos….always hits me more than the great guitar players in the band…Jeff Tweedy, Jim James, Willie Nelson….and now you, you son of a bitch!” – Brad Barr (upon hearing Nathan play his new electric guitar)


Here’s the helm of Revolution Radio. The electric guitar has changed the game entirely! I don’t even know how I’m making half of the sounds these days and I love it. Live radio made fresh daily, looped through the evening and the available podcast style in the archive. Featuring exclusive tracks from a wide variety of bands and songwriters. The show is hosted by Nathan Moore who performs live and rambles about different topics including a daily stroll down his Facebook wall reading what people are saying!