Enough About Me


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“It’s hard to find wisdom free of sermonizing or protest songs written with deprecation, but somehow Nathan Moore manages to do both. At once a joke and a parable, raucous and reflective, a cohesive album and a collection of one-liners, Enough About Me is a songwriter’s album. Highly recommended!” – Ben Eppard

“Checking out Nathan Moore’s new record. Bravo brother! You cut to the core of me!” – Reed Mathis

so by bizarre and beautiful – I can’t perfectly explain it, but I’ll try. You’re the word guy, not me. But upon my second and now third full listen, it still fits for an explanation. bizarre and beautiful. bizarre in that every song’s topic is so varying, yet the 13 tracks are so cohesive. the way the percussion comes in and out, the textures with the horns, the organs, the tempo and rhythm changes, the varying topics (from grumpy old man in the bathrobe at the start to the worried young man at the end concerned about the social injustice in Ferguson) and just, everything going on in there. man, I feel your heart and soul in it, this latest labor of love. and my first two listens were with high quality earbuds, and I tell ya, that is the way to listen: headphones/earbuds, whatever, the sonic textures in this are endless and simply beautiful. once again, nice work, my friend! my favorite since (In His Own Worlds” which is hard to say because I love them all, and have a soft spot for the Hippy Fiasco record since I hosted a Fiasco and heard so many of those songs as they were being born – but damn, my head is all around this one. it feels good! so, bizarre SHOULD make you happy – I mean it as a huge compliment. but make sure beautiful is right there with it. ’cause it’s both.”  – Scott Rudicel

“You’ve done it again Nathan Scott Moore! Your new album “Enough About Me” is an amazing chef-d’oeuvre in songwriting and melodic sensibility. Kenneth Donald once said that “music should make you laugh, make you cry or make you think. If it doesn’t do one of those things then you’re wasting everybody’s time”. Well guess what, Nathan Moore? This album makes me cry, laugh and think – all at the same time. To all my friends. If you trust my musical judgment please get hold of this beautiful piece of art!” -Olav Larsen