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Help Us Write This Song "Apart, Not Alone"

This is a song WE are writing together and soon it will be a song WE are recording together! I put WE in all caps so YOU'D notice! Get working on that verse :) The lyrics and chords are written below, just click the link in the player. And here are the first three verses submitted but Jordan Smart, Sam Chase and Caitlin Gowdey. We’re enlisting the help of our favorite songwriters around the world - and if you’d like to contribute too, feel free to make a submission and we’ll check it out!

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Submit parts to

Download the files to play to by clicking where it says "FREE" in the playlists. Simply import the track into your recording software, line it up to the beginning and play along. Then export just your part making sure to export (16bit, 44.1hz) from the very beginning (even if you just added something to a later part of the song) so it lines right up on my end.

Then send it to me. If you can, send a full resolution file such as a WAV file, You might need to use something like WeTransfer or Dropbox. Send it to

"It's the End of the World As We Know It" R.E.M. lead by Sam Chase

90 BPM

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