Like Cookies For Your Ears

Some strange sounds have been emanating lately from the depths of Nathan’s Land… Join us as we delve further into the possibilities in our ongoing effort to spin the Earth with radio.

Music You Can Only Hear Here!

The archive at Revolution Radio continues to grow with exclusive out-takes, demos and bootlegs from some of your favorite songwriters and bands. Tune in as Nathan Moore spins the hits and rambles about whatever comes to mind.

Fresh Made Daily Radio

Critically acclaimed songwriter, Nathan Moore, hosts a daily radio show featuring talk, live songs, interviews and music from Friends of the Revolution. Monday-Friday 5PM EST

Get to Work! Live Radio Just for You

Forget Pandora! Let Nathan Moore be your DJ spinning songs you’ve never heard from the bands you love as he rambles about the day’s news and sings songs from his bottomless pockets. New show everyday.

Revolution Radio To Toast The Weekend

Listen in to enjoy the songs, philosophy, humor and good musical taste of Nathan Moore as he rambles, sings and enjoys the exclusive tracks sent to him by friends of the Revolution. Good radio is no small feat!

Back To The Daily Grind

That was a nice vacation last night! Oh the music filled my soul right up…. ok, where were we?

Fare Thee Well Ethan Hawkins

Special show tonight at 8PM with Ethan Hawkins, Lex Park, Colby Peg-Joplin, Nate Leath and Nathan Moore. Ethan is being taken from us by the Berklee School of Music!