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The Rules

1. You have to Log In in order to see the chat.
2. Backstage is for members only, no exceptions.
3. No middle men. I got this. All sales and downloads are a direct purchase from me.
4. The latest episode is always available in the player above. Simply click the playlist button on the right side (with the black triangle) and select “Latest Episode” and then click play.
5. All original songs uploaded for consideration for Revolution Radio should be under 4 minutes long unless they’re not. Then, they should be however long they are.
6. I must listen to every submitted song.
7. Heaven must be anarchy.
8. Anyone who submits a NM cover song for the “Picking on Percy” player is to get one free month of all access. All of these submissions go in the player.
9. Anything goes on trash night. (Every other night too but especially on trash night).
10. Nathan Moore is in no way affiliated with, responsible for, nor does he endorse the opinions expressed by Nathan Moore.
11. It’s all about the songs in here.

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