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Twelve new songs from Nathan Moore are now available on his new album “Goodbye America”. It’s a timely piece recorded and mixed in Nathan’s Land (except for the Barr Brothers parts) by Nathan himself. There are special appearances from Jake Hollifield, Nate Leath, Ethan Hawkins and Molly Murphy. Marc Friedman and Lex Park split duties covering the amazing bass work on this record. Nathan plays electric guitar, drums, piano, clarinet and many other instruments. “Goodbye America” is one of his most playful and poignant records yet and it’s a direct reflection of these interesting times.

1. You and I
Marc Friedman- Bass
Jake Hollifield- Piano Lead

2. Where Were We?
Marc Friedman- Basss

3. For Heaven’s Sake
Lex Park- Bass

4. Anything With You

5. One Man Band
Andrew Barr- Drums
Brad Barr- Guitar Solo
Marc Friedman- Bass
Ethan Hawkins- Backup Vocals
Molly Murphy- Backup Vocals

6. Only Takes One
Andrew Barr- Drums
Marc Friedman- Bass

7. Armageddon Ready (For the End of the World)
Lex Park- Bass
Nate Leath- Fiddle, Mandolin, Tambourine

8. Wild Irish Rose

9. The Shitshow
Lex Park- Bass

10. I’m Gonna Be the One
Lex Park- Bass

11. The Lot

12. Goodbye America
Jake Hollifield- Piano
Ethan Hawkins- Vocals
Lex Park- Vocals

All other parts performed by Nathan Moore.